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If you are an Assistant or Agency, do not consider signing up for an Independent Account! You will need to signup as a Booking Agent, and then add the providers you work with through your Booking Agent account. Anyone found to be creating an Independent account when they are actually a Booking Agent, will have their accounts Denied and/or permanently.

Agency: Our definition of Agency is an organization that manages more than one provider, doing the screening and booking. Agencies do not hide the fact that they are working with more than one provider, and usually have a website that announces who they represent. Approved Agencies get a free aphroditecollection Booking Agent listing that can show all of the providers they work with, in addition to the individual listings for the providers uploaded.

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In order to be approved for a Booking Agent account on Aphroditecollection, we will need to verify that you are a legitimate agency, working with providers who have a good reputation in the community. This means that the providers you work with will need to have at least one review posted by an established reviewer, or a vouch from a aphroditecollection client member with at least 5 Okays. If none of the providers you work with are able to meet this criteria, your aphroditecollection Booking Agent account will not be approved.
Please fill out the following information for the providers you work with. We must be able to verify the providers listed.
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