Aphrodite Collection Terms and Conditions


We are very selective in whom we allow into the Aphrodite Collection Network, with both providers and clients held to the heighest standards in the industry.

By holding a AC account you agree to the following:

  • You are above the age of 21
  • All photos uploaded are actual photos of you and you retain the rights to use those photos.
  • You will check your email and AC inbox regularly for Requests and will answer them in a timely fashion.
  • You will participate in the network by approving Okays for client who were "ok" during your meeting.
  • You will participate in the network by denying Okays to clients where were not "ok" during the meeting.

Your AC account will be suspended or revoked if:

  • You make a false or exaggerated report on any client.
  • You "out" another member of the community (client or provider)
  • You with hold Okays for reasons other than client was not "ok" (for a review, for another session, because you don't feel like giving Okays, etc.)
  • We receive complaints about your behaviour.
  • You develop a bad reputation in the community.
  • Your reviews start to be more negative than positive.
  • You upload misleading or false photos.
  • You fail to report a serious problem with a AC member to staff immediately.
  • You share your AC login information with anyone else, without prior approval.
  • You share a clients id with another person, or post it on another site, without notifying us first.
  • You allow an unauthorized person to view private member information.
  • You look up a AC client member for someone other than yourself.

Client members are held to the same standard of behaviour. You are expected to let us know of you have any problems, just as the clients are expected to let us know if they have any problems with a AC provider.

As a Aphrodite Collection provider, you are encouraged to do as much additional screening as is necessary to keep yourself safe. While AC is an important tool to use in your screening process, we cannot make any guarantee on any of our members, client or provider. However, we are diligent in screening all applicants and do not want any problem clients or providers in our network.