Earn Points

How to earn Provider Points Booking Agent Home
Provider Points can be earned by doing the following:
1. When a Client Signs up and is Approved from your Invite - 20 Points ($20)
Please note, points are applied once a Client has been approved as a Aphroditecollection member. Clients will require more than just one reference to be approved, although your reference is a great first step!
Click Here to Access the Client Invite Form
2. When a Provider Signs Up and is Approved from your Invite - 10 Points ($10)
To earn points by inviting a Provider, the Invited Provider must be approved for a Aphroditecollection Account. Approval requires a review posted by a well established reviewer, or a Aphroditecollection Basic Plus member vouching for her. Sorry, but we do not accept vouches from providers, on behalf of other providers.
Click here to access the Provider Invite Form
3. By Giving an Okay to a Client - 5 Points ($5)
For each Okay given you will earn points, however Updates to Okays do not earn points. Giving Okays is not required and we ask that you contact us if you prefer to decline the Okay. In that case, points will still be applied, upon request.
Please Note: You must have had a visit with a Client before giving him your Okay. Any Providers caught giving Okays to Clients with whom they have not had a visit, will have their Aphroditecollection membership Revoked.