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  • AC Photo Policy

    In order to for AC to remain exempt from USC Section 2257, the following images will not be accepted:

    • Images that expose any part of your public area.
    • Images that contain sexual acts, simulated or real.

    In addition, we do not accept:

    • Images of any person other than yourself, or that do not include yourself.
    • Drawings or animations.
    • Images that show contact information. Including, but not restricted to, website, email address and phone number.
    • Images that do not belong to you, or are protected by copyright.

    If you upload unacceptable images, they will be deleted and a notification sent to you. If we delete your image(s), and you wish to upload replacement(s), you will have to PAY for the additional uploads. Free uploads are only once per month, so please don't waste it by uploading images that will be deleted. There will be No exceptions and No warnings, other than this notice.

    Also, we have a very stringent policy about images that are inaccurate or out of date. If your image is more than 10 years old, more than 20 lbs ago, or there have been significant changes to your body, please do not use it on AC. If a complaint is received, we will take steps to ensure the images used are a reasonable depiction of how you look today.

    Click the button below to proceed to the photo page to upload photos for your listing.
  • Example Photos

  • Supported File Types

    You can upload images that have the following extensions:

    .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .gif, .tiff, .png

  • Special Processing of Images

    If you have an image that you would like to have edited before you use it on P411 or elsewhere, we now offer Special Processing.

    Level 1 - 5 points ($5) per image

    Choose two:



             Watermark (with your name or www.// ONLY)

             Red Eye Correction

    Level 2 - 10 points ($10) per image

    Choose two PLUS two from Level1

             Tattoo removal

             Blemish removal

             Removal of logos or watermarks

             Skin smoothing

             Add tan or lighten complexion


    If you would like to request edits that are not listed above, or would like to create your own custom package, please send details to for a quote.

    For the time being, all Special Processing requests are done via email sent to Please attach the images you would like to have edited, along with the specific details of what you would like to have done to the images. A quote will be returned to you before the photos are edited.