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Purchase Points

Points cost $1 USD per point
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Minumum Point Purchase is 20 point. Maximim Purchase With Credit card 500, for all other payment option the maximun purchase in 2,500.

Purchase points in bulk to recieve the following bonus points:
  • $20 to $300 - No Bonus Points
  • $301 to $700 - 10% Bonus Points Added
  • $701 to $1000 - 15% Bonus Points Added
  • $1001 to $1200 - 20% Bonus Points Added
  • $1201 or more - 25% Bonus Points Added

You can now trade in store branded gift cards with Paygarden, to receive P411 points.

Please note that there is a significant fee taken off the gift card by the peoceesing company,so this option is best for those with to dispose of. You can expect to receive approcimately $65 worth of points for every $100 on a store branded gift card . The exact amount varies according to the type of gift card used, with Walmart and BestBuy usually offering the best exchange rate.

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