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Pre-Screening Request

A Pre-Screening Request allows you to send the Provider your client id, the type of appointment you are looking for (Incall or Outcall) and a personal message. The Provider will be able to view your Aphrodite Collection profile, but no formal request for an appointment is initiated.

Pre-Screening Request

With an Appointment request , you send all the information listed above but also specify a date and time to book an appointment with the Provider.Once an Appointment Request has been sent, you are expected to confirm or cancel your inquiry with the responding Provider.

If you do not get a timely response, we recommend sending another Request along with a follow up private message or phone call/text (if possible).


Aphrodite Collection is only intended to be used as one tool in the verification. We encourage everyone to do as much additional screening as they feel is necessary. However, we will also support a clients’ decision to keep private info,private. If a provider is asking for more information than you are willing to provide, please politely move on to someone elso.

Exception: your Aphrodite Collection client id is made up of small bits of info that is to be matched with identification carried in your wallet. If you refuse to show identification upon arrival to confirm you are the true account holder, please understand that the provider may refuse to see you. It would then be considered a last minute cancellation, and you will be obligated to pay the entire fee to keep your account in good standing.

Pre -Screening

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