Terms And Conditions :   

Aphrodite collection Independent Escort account is free to legitimate and reputable Independent Escorts, above the age of 18.

Age verification will be required at the end of this application process.

If you are someone other than the escort, filling out this application, please go back and fill out a Booking Assistant application. No one, other that the escort herself, is to fill out an Independent Escort application.

To show that you are a legitimate and reputable escort, we will need to see a review posted by an established reviewer. An established reviewer is someone who has posted at least five reviews of escorts, other than you, prior to reviewing you. If you do not have reviews posted as described, we may accept a reference from a Aphrodite Collection client member with whom you have had a session, who has at least five Okays. A reference from another escort would only be accepted in very limited circumstances.

We are very selective with who we allow in the Aphrodite Collection Network. We hold both escorts and clients to the highest standards in the industry.

By submitting this application you agree to the following:

  • you are the person described on this application.
  • you are above the age of 18 years and will submit age verification documents at the end of this application.
  • you will not post any advertisements of sexual activities (coded or otherwise) anywhere on Aphrodite Collection.
  • all photos uploaded are actual photos of you and you retain the rights to use those photos.
  • you do not have an account, nor have you ever have an account, on Aphrodite Collection. Contact us if you have!
  • you will take part in the Aphrodite Collection network by responding promptly to Aphrodite Collection Requests.

Your Aphrodite Collection account may be revoked if:

  • you knowingly sign up for more than one Aphrodite Collection account.
  • you post any text that describes a sexual activity in a Aphrodite Collection advertisement, coded or otherwise.
  • you charge Aphrodite Collection clients more than you charge clients found via other avenues.
  • you decline to give Okays to client members who have not presented a real problem during your visit.
  • you fail to report a problem with a Aphrodite Collection client member to staff immediately.
  • you do not check your email regularly for Aphrodite Collection requests and answer them in a timely fashion.
  • we receive complaints about your behavior.
  • you develop a bad reputation in the community.
  • you give an Okay when a private session has not taken place.
  • your reviews start to be more negative than positive.
  • you upload misleading or false photos.
  • you make a false or exaggerated report on any client.
  • you share your Aphrodite Collection log in information with anyone else (like an assistant), without prior written permission.
  • you share a client’s id with another person, or post it on another site, without prior written permission.
  • you allow an unauthorized person to view private client information.
  • you look up a Aphrodite Collection client for someone other than yourself.

Client members are held to a similar standard of behavior. You are expected to let us know if you have any problems with a client, just as the clients are expected to let us know if they have any problems with a Aphrodite Collection escort.

As a Aphrodite Collection escort, you are encouraged to do as much additional screening as is necessary to keep yourself safe. While Aphrodite Collection is an important tool to use in your screening process, we cannot make any guarantee on any of our members, clients or escorts. However, we are diligent in screening all applicants thoroughly and do not want any problem clients or escorts in our network.