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Visiting Ads Terms and Conditions
Visiting Ads Cost
  • Visiting Ads cost 20 Points for the first month, then 20 Points per month for each month the ad is active.
  • We do not prorate Visiting Ads. All Ads created for less than one month will still be charged 20 points.
Current Total Points: [mycred_my_balance wrapper="0" title_el="" balance_el=""]
Visiting Ads that run longer than one month will be renewed each month at a rate of 20 Points plus any Upgrade costs. If your point total falls below the renewal rate your visiting ad along with any upgrades will be deleted.
We reserves the right to modify pricing for visiting ads at any time.
You may cancel your Visiting Ad at any time however please note that visiting ads are non-refundable.
I have read and understand the terms listed above regarding a Visiting Ad.